Monday, February 23, 2009

A billion dollars for Gaza terror

The United States is pledging nearly one billion dollars to help rebuild Gaza, in a classic example of good money following bad.

Let's put aside the fact that this money will allow Hamas to spend 100% of their Iranian funding directly on weapons and terror, and it will give them a position of strength as they negotiate with the PA take over the Palestinian Arab cause, and let's not think about the fact that the large percentage that will go to UNRWA is going to an organization that has little oversight and known ties to terror.

Besides all of that, here we have a significant chunk of change being paid by the US - in a struggling economy - to Gaza. And so far we have not heard a single complaint from the crowd that claims that US aid to Israel is a huge burden on the US taxpayer!

If you add up the aid that Arabs get from the US this year, your total will be just about the same as what Israel is getting in foreign aid. Yet the WRMEA and "If Americans Knew" and similar organizations that gleefully add up real and imagined aid to Israel are strangely silent about billions going towards entities that, to be frank, hate and despise the US.

Perhaps they don't care about your tax dollars as much as they pretend to?