Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Banned by YouTube

Unfortunately, I received my third strike from YouTube, and it was from one of the "good guys."

My first strike was my Rachel Corrie video, which someone complained about but which clearly did not violate any of the Community Guidelines.

The second one was for my "Just Like Us" video, which indeed showed some violence - but whose footage I took directly from another YouTube video. That got me banned from YouTube for two weeks.

The third was from my copy of the MEMRI video showing the death of Assud the Jew-Eating Bunny. MEMRI contacted me asking me to remove it, and I told them I would be happy to, but I was suspended from YouTube and wouldn't be able to edit my channel until February 26th. MEMRI couldn't wait and complained to YouTube, and now my video channel - and all my YouTube videos - are gone.

I am trying to find an acceptable place to move the videos I can recover (I fear I have lost some early ones.) I spent much of last night trying to place some of them on NMA-TV, a "conservative" alternative to YouTube that allows me to create my own group, but it seems very buggy and my group video page has been going into an infinite loop. I don't know if that site has staying power, wither, as it begs for money and hasn't yet reached anything close to critical mass.

I don't like LiveLeak too much because for some reason not all my videos show up consistently on my page there. I also looked at QubeTV, another conservative video site, but they are having technical problems, so they are flaky as well.

So for now, I'm done with YouTube. I am still looking for an alternative where I can create and preferably customize my own channel that will not disappear in a few months.