Sunday, February 22, 2009

Arab Cheesecake

I just read a brilliant post by The Other McCain on How to Get A Million Hits on Your Blog in Less than a Year. Since I have not yet gotten a million hits in four years, it sounded like this guy knows what he is doing.

Indeed he does, as he is entertaining as well as smart, and far less concerned with political correctness than I am.

Anyway, McCain has five rules on how to get more hits. My mind immediately focused on Rule 5, which is to gratuitously throw in pretty women.

But since my blog is so single-focused, I need some sort of flimsy excuse to post pictures of scantily-clad women that is consistent with my blog.

The easy way out would be to throw in pictures of hot Israeli babes, but others do that much better than I ever could.

And, let's face it, I just can't pull off the "gratuitous" part convincingly.

So, in the interests of fulfilling Rule 5 and yet keeping with my blog's themes, here is a Serious Post about Arab women.

It is easy to pigeonhole the Arab world as single-mindedly Islamist and opposed to any display of female flesh. But Egyptian, Jordanian and even Palestinian Arab newspapers will include Western-style features with models and actresses, both from the West and from the Middle East.

The PalArabic newspaper Al Quds, for example, shows this model from a recent Beirut fashion show:
Not exactly what one would find in a Hamas newspaper.

Similarly, this picture was taken at an Amman fashion show:
Not to my taste, but that ain't no chador either.

Here's one of a Lebanese actress from Firas Press:

And a final photo at Al Quds features this beauty:
OK, so maybe I'm not cut out for this type of blogging.