Monday, January 19, 2009

The torrent of lies from Gaza

The Arab fabrications and spinning is now in overdrive, as the terrorist-associated media has article after article each with more ridiculous claims than the one before.

Paltoday describes scenes of dead women and children, of course killed with "phosphorus bombs," being eaten by dogs in the streets of Gaza camps. Many terror-supporting doctors are throwing in their expertise in these claims, such as one who said that "white phosphorus kills brain cells" which explains why otherwise lightly injured children are dying.

Another "eyewitness" describes how the IDF poured gasoline on his body and threatened to light him up. Of course, he miraculously escaped. And then we have the story of hundreds of houses in a single town destroyed by phosphorus bombs!

But the lies are not only about how Gazans are hurting but also about how much damage Hamas supposedly inflicted on Israel. Hamas claims that they killed 80 Israeli soldiers ("49 that they confirmed first-hand,") which is twice the number of "martyrs" they admit to have lost. In addition, they are repeating an embellishing their accusation about abducting Israeli soldiers, now saying that they held a soldier for two days in a house before Israel bombed it and killed the soldier, whose name they still cannot seem to have discovered.

Fatah, which was almost silent recently, is also now claiming to have shot 85 projectiles during the three weeks, as well as sniper and other attacks against the IDF, apparently to establish that they are just as macho as Hamas is.

Expect these lies to start finding their way into anti-semitic websites within a couple of days.