Sunday, January 04, 2009

Just another lying Palestinian Arab "human rights" group

The "Palestinian Center for Human Rights" has been coming out with daily reports of Israeli "war crimes" in Gaza since Operation Cast Lead started.

Typical is this headline from yesterday:
The Number of Palestinians Killed Rises to 372, Mostly Civilians, Including 75 Children and 16 Women, and the Number of House Bombarded Mounts to 73
Yet on Thursday, in their normal weekly report of deaths and injuries in the territories, here was their tally:
334 Palestinians, including 121 civilians, have been killed throughout the Gaza Strip. The victims include 33 children and 11 women.
So, according to the PCHR, between Thursday and Saturday there were 38 deaths. Out of those 38, 42 of them were children and 5 were women!

Not only that, but for the number of civilians dead to rise to a majority, that means that at least 64 civilians must have died during a time that 38 total people died!

I guess that this is the math taught in UNRWA schools.