Thursday, January 08, 2009

Iran urges assassinations worldwide

From the National Council of Resistance to Iran website:
A one-million-dollar reward for the assassination of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s President, has been set up, an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) front organization has announced. Sadegh Shahbazi, secretary of the so-called “Student Justice-seeking movement,” announced the reward.

Shahbazi, the IRGC front organization’s secretary, announced the news of a million dollar prize for assassinating the Egyptian President at the sit-in in Mehrabad airport. He added: Just as we have a bounty for the assassinations of the Zionist army commander, head of Mossad, and War Minister, we also have a reward for the assassination of Hosni Mubarak.

Shariatmadari, Khamenei’s representative in Kayhan daily, in a January 5, 2009 editorial, entitled “Mourning Sacred Ghassem,” issued a command to start carrying out assassinations in various countries.

In the editorial, Shariatmadari recounted a story from a 13 year old teenager who had gone to the front lines during the Iran-Iraq war with the permission of the mullahs’ current Supreme Leader, Ali Khamanei, and was later killed. Shariatmadari compared him and other teenagers who were sent to mine fields by the regime, to “Ghassem,” a young man who fought alongside the revered Shiite Imam Hussein in 680 and died. The editorial goes on to say:

“In Gaza, all of Islam has come head-to-head with all of infidelity. Bush is not Christian, Olmert is not Jewish, and Hosni Mubarak and King Abdullah are not Muslims. This is a war of opposing parties, just like the forced war [with Iraq] and the 33 day war [in 2006 in Lebanon]. Today, this war is in Gaza. As the Imam [mullah regime’s founder Khomeini] used to say, with the revitalization of true Islam of Prophet Muhammad, the Great Satan roared and issued a call to all the other big and small devils. … Now that the war in Gaza is the point of conflict for all of Islam against all infidels, why should the act of confronting the Zionists only be limited to the borders of occupied Palestine? Are the people of Gaza not representing the entire Muslim world in their fight with the Zionists? Therefore, offering broad support, including military support, to them is the duty of all Muslims and all Islamic countries. Today, the people of Gaza are on the front lines, but the war front is much larger than the internal confines of occupied Palestine. As such, attacking the backers of the Israeli military, i.e. its global and regional supporters, is an inalienable right of all Muslim people. Outside of occupied Palestine, the latter are easily accessible. Can one not easily attack some Arab leaders and US-imposed governments? The interests of the US, Britain, Germany, and other supporters of Israel, are easily accessible – or, we should say, they are “within range.” … The time to take revenge against the violent Zionists, these corrupt and destructive forms of disease, has finally come. … Therefore, the talk of a cease-fire only serves to grant an opportunity to carry out future crimes and has no other rationale.”

Nah, this is only hyperbole, and probably a mistranslation. There's nothing to be concerned with here.