Monday, January 12, 2009

Hamas Lie of the Day

It gets increasingly harder to find "scoops" in the Palestinian Arab press nowadays, because so many of the articles are such clear lies.

There have already been articles about Hamas killing dozens of soldiers, and about Israel covering up all of these soldier deaths. These Hamas press releases get republished even in the Fatah-leaning media without skepticism.

Today's whopper is a Hamas claim that they captured an Israeli soldier. They then took him to a safe house. Then, the evil Zionists decided to deliberately bomb the house and kill the soldier rather than risk another Gilad Shalit.

Of course, Hamas didn't bother to release this fictional soldier's name. Nor did it mention any Hamas members who were killed or injured in this supposed house bombing. Maybe they left him without a guard?

One would think that for a group of accomplished liars, they would be a little better at it by now.