Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hamas al-Qassam website is down

One of my favorite websites on the Internet has seemed to have mysteriously disappeared.

The alqassam.ps website of Hamas was acting a bit shaky earlier this week, redirecting itself from the Palestine domain to the .cc domain - which is in the Cocos Islands but is pretty much available to anyone. But now, alas, I cannot access the lists of martyrs and the hostile propaganda that I so looked forward to perusing now and again.

At the moment, attempts to get to the site are sometimes making it to a 3Com SuperStack Switch. If you should try to access it and see a Username and Password prompt, try "manager" and "manager" (the default.) If you are lucky you wil get to the switch interface, but so far my connectivity has not let me get past a skeleton of a page for that. A good network professional might have a lot of fun with full access to Hamas' Ethernet switch.

Not that I would advocate anything like that. No, hacking Hamas' web site and domain would be really, really wrong.

UPDATE: It is back up, on a new host.