Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gaza religious affairs ministry: "No weapons in mosques"

Just in case you has the slightest thought that you could trust anything that Arabs are saying when they are accusing Israel of crimes...

Palestine Today quotes the Religious Affairs Ministry (not sure if it is from the PA or Hamas) saying that there were no weapons stored in mosques in Gaza, along with some good old fashioned anti-semitism:
Dr. Abdullah Abu Djerboue, Undersecretary of the ministry said in a press statement: "The ministry is in the process of inventory of mosques that were destroyed, we are still gathering information..."
He said that the destruction of mosques is "a Talmudic religious hatred and a distorted look at Islam and Muslims with the hatred as described in the Torah and the distorted, false Talmud."

He said that "these people (the Jews) killed the prophets and the messengers of the Lord of Glory as stated in the Koran," adding that "these attacks on the mosques would not only increase the hate against Jews and every conspiracy against Gaza will not go unpunished. "

He refuted Israeli claims that the mosques were being used as stores of explosives and weapons, saying that all the mosques that were destroyed and blew up do not prove the existence of the explosives and none of the explosions demonstrate the presence of weapons or explosives. "

He asked, "Is the resistance [Hamas] that stupid to store their weapons in mosques after they were targeted?"
Can't argue with that logic.

This anti-aircraft cannon and other weapons found in a mosque were clearly planted there by the Zionists:

Because what possible reason would Hamas have for storing weapons in mosques, or schools, or private houses, where Israel would be reluctant to fire and where the very act of firing at them would cause much hate among world Muslims? Really, does that make sense that Hamas would want that to happen?