Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Free Gaza" boat didn't make it

From the Cyprus Mail:
THE LATEST effort by human rights activists to breach the blockade of Gaza by sea got off to a faulty start yesterday when the boat suffered mechanical failure at sea.

The Free Gaza Movement (FGM) launched the SS Spirit of Humanity from Larnaca port yesterday, carrying boxes of medical aid for the besieged Palestinians in Gaza. With 36 passengers and crew from 17 countries on board, including five MPs, six doctors and 16 journalists, the boat encountered mechanical failure three nautical miles off the coast of Cyprus.

According to reports, the planned mercy mission to Gaza had to be postponed and the boat returned to port for repairs.
Considering the 16 (I counted 17) journalists on board, and the fact that Free Gaza sends out press releases and "alert" emails at the drop of a hat, this is a surprisingly hard story to find this morning. FGM's webpage doesn't say a thing, even though this happened nearly a day ago.

It appears that their planned dramatic televised confrontation with the evil IDF will have to be postponed.