Monday, January 19, 2009

The British police are protecting *some* Jews

Explicit anti-semitism has ballooned throughout Britain, with 150 known attacks on identifiable Jews, Jewish organizations, and synagogues. So it is nice to know that at least certain Jews can count on protection from the police:

The Jews that hate Israel.
British Jews have been attacked for expressing support for Palestinians suffering under Israeli military strikes in Gaza. Police confirmed yesterday that they have provided protection to a number of people believed to be victims of UK-based Zionist extremists angered by expressions of solidarity with Palestinians.

Rabbi Elchenon Beck, 39, was among six rabbis expressing support for Gaza's Palestinians who were set upon by a gang of what they allege were Zionists while walking back from opposing rallies outside the Israeli Embassy on 6 January. "They were shouting and pushed someone to the floor, so we called the police," Rabbi Beck said. "All the time they are trying to intimidate us, but we get used to it."

Rabbi Aharon Cohen, a Palestinian sympathiser and member of the anti-Zionist group Neturei Karta, had his letter box destroyed by a powerful firework after attending the peace march in Manchester this month.

It is interesting that the British police can find manpower to protect this tiny subgroup who probably exaggerated a couple of incidences of people yelling at them, yet ignore Jews who are listed on a "hit list" on Muslim websites.