Tuesday, January 27, 2009

April 2008: Hamas dug weapons tunnels under UNRWA school

Someone doing a search on this site found a story that I had completely forgotten about. Here's the autotranslation from Palestine Press Agency, April 3, 2008:
Hamas militants digging tunnels under the Gaza Strip camps and store weapons and missiles under the UNRWA school in Khan Younis refugee camp

A reliable source told Palestine Press Agency that Hamas was digging tunnels beneath the densely populated Western camp, specifically in the area of the camp Alqtatop in the city of Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

The source said that "Hamas militants are digging tunnels leading to the school in the camp in the works for the storage of heavy weapons" and missiles Aldo_ka "in the tunnels beneath the school students."

The source added that "Hamas militias, while digging one of the tunnels in the area, broke one of the main water pipes in the camp, which led to the leak of water to the nearby population to the chagrin of the residents."
So the UNRWA could be technically accurate when it says that no Hamas militants are allowed in its schools. In, no; under, perhaps.

UPDATE: The UNRWA denies this story.