Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another dreaded Open Thread

I'm going to be in meetings much of the day, so if anyone sees a cool link, place it in the comments.

As far as the Weblog Awards go, now that the category has become politicized there are tons of votes going towards beating the other guy. 86% of the voting is now for the top three in the running and the rest of us are fighting for crumbs.

And what am I going to do, dis Martin Kramer to try to catch up to him? The dude has more initials after his name than I have letters in mine, and from adding up all his impressive work experience on his resume he must be like 103 years old. I can't start attacking him for fun, he's more Elder than the Elder.

Fundametally Freund is uncomfortably close, but he dedicates his life to charity - also not a fun target, even if he only posts once every three days.

Nope, as much as I want to make it fun, I can't find a good blog to start a feud with. Oh well.