Sunday, November 02, 2008

UNRWA shows it colors again

Karen Abu Zayd, commissioner general of UNRWA who has a vested interest in maintaining Palestinian Arab suffering forever, has just said that there has been "no improvement" in the lives of Gazans since the "calm."

But in a new Ma'an story, it seems that Gazans feel so comfortable with the amount of goods they are getting through Rafah smuggling tunnels, thatthey are now importing entire zoos.

Lions, lionesses, swans, deer, otters, parrots and other creatures have been smuggled into Gaza, not only for zoos but also for some private individuals who want to impress others.

Is this how a starving people act?

Remember, the UNRWA continues to exist and get funding as long as they can keep Palestinian Arabs in "refugee" camps and away from even a hint of resettlement into other countries, as opposed to the UNHCR which works hard to eliminate refugee populations, not to grow them.