Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's PalArab news

A "work accident" injured four Hamas members in Khan Younis.

Saudi Arabia denied Hamas accusations that they didn't give Hajj visas to Palestinian Arab pilgrims, as both sides continue to trade accusations and insults.

Hamas attacked, beat and killed a 41-year old chicken seller in a public market in the Maghazi camp in central Gaza.

The PalArab press quotes Maariv as saying that Israel will intercept the Libyan ship headed for Gaza, purportedly filled with humanitarian aid that is due to arrive on Monday. (UPDATE: They did.)

Meanwhile, Turkey says it will send its own ship to Gaza, in coordination with Hamas. It would supposedly contain medicines and "Palestinian campaigners."

Islamic Jihad said that it has no intention of continuing the illusory "calm" in Gaza past the six month mark, whose deadline is due in the coming weeks.

It is instructive that while the world media has been tirelessly reporting on the smuggling of food and fuel (and motorcycles and TVs) to Gaza, Egypt keeps intercepting shipments of weapons and explosives also bound for Gaza. These smuggled goods somehow escape the radar of the intrepid journalists.

Speaking of tunnels, an enterprising young man in Gaza has found a good use for the soil that is dug up by the tunnel diggers - he is building old-fashioned ovens out of the mud mixed with straw, and selling them for 150 shekels each. Apparently the mud is ideal for these ovens.

The 2008 PalArab self-death count is now at 216.