Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pre-pubescent abayas in Saudi Arabia

Normally, Islam asks women to cover themselves when they reach puberty.

But who says that Muslims don't innovate in sharia?
In the southern province of Asir, school regulations stipulate that pre-pubescent girls should dress in such a way that no part of their body, including head and face, is visible.

A child who dares to violate the new dress code faces severe punishment, including a public scolding and deductions from her marks.

This has put parents in a real dilemma. On the one hand, this new dress code is being imposed; on the other, they find it difficult to convince their young daughters that it is necessary for them to be completely veiled.

In addition, the parents have not been able to convince school authorities that little girls are not required to dress as adult women. Though Islam has strict dress regulations for women, they are only applied after girls reach puberty.
Must be that some Asir male teachers were starting to get turned on at the sight of eight year old girls. So they are simply "protecting" them, out of immense honor and respect.