Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Palestine Press Agency: Hamas manufacturing electricity crisis

The Palestine Press Agency mentions that when Hamas is telling the world that 70% of Gaza is dark because of a shortage of fuel, it is lying.
The source pointed out, as is well known to all that the Gaza Strip .... gets 70% of its electricity supply from the Israeli and Egyptian lines.

The source of electricity that comes from the Israeli company and the electricity that comes from Egypt has not been affected and never stopped.

...Where [Hamas] cuts electricity off for long periods of time for most of the areas of the Gaza Strip, especially Gaza City, knowing that the Hamas leadership' homes and neighborhoods where they live do not suffer from the disruption of electricity like the rest of the regions.
UPDATE: The Gazans claim that the extra 40% electricity shortfall came because of overloading the power from Israel, causing transformers to be burned out.