Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November 24, 1948: Egypt threatens to quit UN

The Palestine Post of November 24, 1948 has an illuminating article about Egypt's opposition to Israel's becoming a member of the United Nations:
Adly Andaros Bey, of Egypt, hinted today that the Arab countries would walk out of the UN if Israel were admitted to membership.

The Egyptian said Israel did not fulfil any of the requirements of the Charter for membership. Israel was not peace-loving, but expansionist, and she was not even a State because she had "no territorial basis and no known frontiers."
Do these arguments apply to "Palestine"?

But his next talking point is most interesting - an argument for natural, self-evident anti-semitism:
"In certain American clubs, houses, hotels and other places, Jews are not admitted." Nevertheless, the U.S. would, in a few days introduce a resolution supporting the admission of Israel to the U.N.

"When this happens in a club, Sirs, the only thing to do for those who do not like the new member is to walk out. That is the only way that remains for us."

"One thing is certain," he said. "We would never sit at the same table with the Jews."
This was not bombast; this was the actual way of thinking.

And there is little evidence that things have changed in the past sixty years.