Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Libya reported to send a boat to Gaza

A very interesting development. Will Israel check it for weapons?

From Africa On-Line:
A Libyan ship loaded with more than 3,000 tons of food aid and medicines leave the Libyan port of Zouara, 120 km west of Tripoli, on Tuesday for the Gaza Strip in Palestine.

The donation being made by the Libyan Fund for Aid and Development in Africa is made up of 500 tons of oil; 750 tons of milk; 1,207 tons of rice; 500 tons of wheat flour and 100 tonnes of various drugs.

In a statement to PANA, the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund Lakhdouri Abdelhamid said the shipment would arrive in the Gaza Strip in one week.

He said the aid was only the beginning and marked the solidarity of the Libyan people with the Palestinians, "who are victims of an unjust embargo imposed upon them by Israel".

In addition, dozens of scouts from the city of Zouara would travel aboard the boat with flags and banners bearing inscriptions expressing solidarity with Palestinians and condemning the embargo imposed on the population.