Thursday, November 27, 2008

Iran freaks over Arab "Peace Plan" ads

As we have mentioned, the PLO has been placing advertisements promoting the so-called Arab Peace Initiative in various newspapers in Arab countries, Israel and the West.

The advertisement features the flags of all the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

And Iran happens to be a member of the OIC.

The very idea of Iran's beautiful flag being on the same page as an ugly, racist, ZionistIsraeli flag seems to have blown the mullahs' collective gasket, and they are strongly condemning the advertisement and the newspapers that have published it; singling out the Guardian (UK).

As Iran's Press TV writes:
Iran has condemned the publication of advertisements associating Tehran with an initiative that would lead to the recognition of Israel.

Arabic-language news outlets along with the Guardian have taken advantage of the backing of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) for the Arab Peace Initiative, publishing a picture of the Iranian flag among the flags of certain Muslim countries as a sign of Tehran's support for the initiative.

The Iranian Embassy in London on Thursday responded to the distortions in separate letters of protest to the newspapers and demanded that they publish articles in their next editions to remove any doubt that may have been caused on the issue, IRNA reported.

Iran condemns "any move taken by some Arab countries to push the recognition of the occupying Zionist regime in any manner, including in Islamic conferences," Guardian quoted the Embassy as saying in its letter.

According to the Iranian Embassy, the publication of the Iranian flag in articles that associate the country to the initiative is "illegal".
It appears as if Iran is claiming copyright infringement, due to misuse of their flag.

Which is pretty funny coming from a country that regularly encourages its citizens to burn the American and Israeli flags.

So, for your viewing pleasure, is my animation of the Iranian flag on fire. If having their flag published in an ad drives them nuts, maybe this will give the mullahs a stroke: