Saturday, November 29, 2008

Curious LA Times chronology of hotel terror attacks

The Los Angeles Times lists some other attacks that happened at hotels. Interestingly, it lists the Irgun bombing of the King David hotel in 1948, and some attacks like the Robert Kennedy assassination, President Reagan's near-assassination and 2 IRA attacks against Britain.

In the Islamic terrorist attacks it does mention, such as the Taba hotel in Egypt, it never says who the attackers were.

Most disturbingly, the LAT does not seem to think to mention a single attack by Palestinian Arab terrorists against Israel - not even the Netanya Passover hotel massacre in 2002 that killed 30.

It appears that the intent is to show that terrorists can be found amongst any group of people, and it is bending over backwards not to mention the group responsible for the overwhelming majority of terror atacks in recent decades.