Tuesday, November 25, 2008

American girl, Arab man get jail and 100 lashes

From the Saudi Gazette:
The Summary Court in Jeddah has sentenced a 23-year-old Arab national and an 18-year-old American girl to one year in prison and 100 lashes each after they were convicted of adultery.

The father of the girl reported the relationship to the authorities after his daughter became pregnant.

The father accused the Arab man of intentionally doing so in order to force her parents into letting them get married.

The parents of the girl had previously refused to let their daughter marry the man.

The Commission for Investigation and General Prosecution (CIP) summoned the Arab man as part of its investigations.

The Summary Court issued its verdict after hearing evidence from the girl and examining a medical report.

The verdict has become final since no party raised an objection and no appeal would be made.

One hundred lashes is the punishment for unmarried adulterers.
This is proof positive that Islam respects women. They honor them so much that they will beat them half to death if they do anything that they shouldn't!

And someone should really tell the Saudis that they have no idea what "adultery" means.