Thursday, October 02, 2008

Two lame ducks

One of the frustrating parts about Olmert's public announcements of abject surrender to everything Palestinian Arabs are demanding, with no real quid pro quo, is that Olmert represents no one. He is still legally the prime minister but he has no mandate; yet he is hell-bent on achieving this great Zionist defeat and victory for terrorism.

Less reported, though, is the fact that Abbas has no mandate either. According to PA law, since amended by the truncated PA parliament, Abbas' term ends in January 2009, and Hamas has already stated that they will no longer recognize Abbas as president after that date. Since much of Olmert's surrender involves doubling the size of Hamastan into the Negev, this is no small matter.

It is ironic that Israel's greatest hope to not make a catastrophically stupid capitulation is the disunity and weakness of their enemies.