Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today's PalArab press roundup

It took a couple days longer than expected, but Hamas finally blamed the world economic crisis on those Jewish bankers and the Jewish lobby.

Hamas also took over a mosque in Beit Hanoun and replaced its imam with a Hamas sympathizer. I think they're getting this politics thing down pat.

As if to stress the point, Hamas militia entered the Beit Hanoun camp and tore down pictures of Yasir Arafat, replacing them with posters of Hamas "martyrs."

An Egyptian convoy that was the Muslim Brotherhood's version of "Free Gaza" made it relatively close to Egyptian Rafah and was to be greeted with a nice reception. However, that reception ended up being Egyptian police who arrested them.

Palestinian Arab newspapers noticed the "secular Neturei Karta" group I wrote about yesterday. No doubt these assimilated anti-Zionist Jews would be aghast to see the picture that Palestine Today used to illustrate its story.

But you can't blame them. After all, don't all Jews look the same?