Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's Jew-hatred in TPV

It's been a while since I mentioned The People's Voice, a ridiculous website that I wouldn't bother with except for the fact that Google still indexes it as a "news" site at news.google.com.

Today's anti-semitism at TPV is a slam dunk, because the author freely admits his feelings:
the Zionists had as much to do with making whatever actually did happen in the camps as any other force including the Hitler government. They declared war on Germany long before anything took place. Once there were Jews in the camps they used powerful strong arm tactics to keep them there and to deny aid organizations the opportunity to provide aid. They would not let them emigrate and afterwards Ben Gurion and others had much to say about what a great investment that turned out to be....

I’m going to have to say that Israel is an abomination and an evil empire. Since all of the things stated in the State Department’s lists of what defines an anti-Semite happen to be true, it’s no surprise that Israel and her supporters have the muscle to enforce their fascist will world wide. Israel is a nation of parasites that is bent on world domination. It has to be said because it is true and it can’t be refuted because the evidence is right in front of you. It’s in the control exerted over world leaders in what they are compelled to say and do. It’s found underneath many of the many troubles that are blamed on others. The players engaged in the political and financial manipulations are right there to be seen.

Jews are two percent of the American population and a much, much smaller percentage of the world’s population yet… some unfortunate number of them causes- or enable more problems than any other group of people on Earth. They do control the media and exert enormous influence over the financial world and governments around the globe. Lest it be thought that I am opposed to Jews period, I would state that I am a friend of the Neturei Karta, all True Torah Jews and the distressingly small number of Jews who protest the Ashke-Nazi actions of their psychopathic fellows.

It seems that the Zionists intended for and assisted in their holocaust for the purpose of blackmailing the world. They’ve realized more profit from this event than the victims of every other holocaust on Earth since presently recorded history began. There now seem to be more holocaust survivors than there were when the war ended. This holocaust is the greatest publicity stunt in the history of the world. They’re gotten their money’s worth and now it’s time for the truth to be told and for these murderous scoundrels to be exposed and rendered powerless by whatever means are necessary. My personal expectation is that something is going to happen in this regard but I’m not going to get into predicting what that is.

Doesn't look "anti-Zionist" to me!

You can inform Google about this article here. The URL is www.thepeoplesvoice.org/cgi-bin/blogs/voices.php/2008/10/10/the_holocaust_blackmail_game_boy_1 and the title of the article is "The Holocaust Blackmail Game-Boy".

They might remove the article itself from their index, but, as usual, they'll leave The People's Voice as a seemingly legitimate "news" source, because that's what they have done for years even though this is hardly the first rabid, foaming at the mouth Jew-hating article published there.