Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Prisoners get expensive operations for free, PalArabs upset

Usually, a newspaper story will say something and then back it up with some background information.

Instead, Ma'an says something that demolishes its background information:
Bethlehem – Ma’an – A Palestinian sentenced to life imprisonment in an Israeli jail underwent his third major operation since his sentencing 16 years ago.

Relatives of prisoner Rizaq Salah, who is from the town of Al-Khadr near Bethlehem, said doctors performed a cholecystectomy on the man as treatment for severe stomach pain.

Doctors performed an appendectomy on the prisoner in 1995, which was shortly after they extracted liquids from his knee.
Sounds pretty humane, doesn't it? But wait:
Bethlehem-based Prisoners’ Society demanded in a statement received by Ma’an that Israel release Palestinians suffering from serious illness. The society estimated that around 1,000 Palestinians need urgent operations or are disabled as the result of being shot by Israeli soldiers during apprehension.
If the Prisoners' Society wants to see prisoners get needed surgery, they should want them to stay in Israeli jails!