Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and ends (updated)

Self-death number 200: An 18-year old Palestinian Arab was electrocuted in a tunnel Saturday night.

Flying pig moment: Ha'aretz quotes residents of Judea and Samaria in saying that Palestinian Arabs destroy their own olive groves and blame it on settlers:
"They benefit twice," he said. "Cutting the trees down benefits the groves, and they also benefit financially because the damage supposedly was caused by settlers."

Lieberman also recalled how leftists "torpedoed" an agreement between residents of the Itamar settlement and their Arab neighbors.

"Village representatives would have gone to the community and, along with Itamar residents, evaluated the crops' yield, and determined the sum Palestinians would receive for the harvest. The extreme left prevented this," he said.

Lieberman admits, however, that the so-called "hilltop youth" of the surrounding outposts often clash with the farmers.

"If we don't protect the individual rights of the Palestinians, our neighbors we will break our hold and our roots in Judea and Samaria. We have an interest in maintaining what belongs to them, and what belongs to us. They are human beings, and we must deal with them as with human beings," he said.

Orit Struk, the head of Judea and Samaria Human Rights Group, said the media's treatment of confrontations between settlers and Palestinians is hypocritical.

"More than a year ago we released a document describing hundreds of instances of Palestinians harming Jewish farmers and their property. The media wasn't interested at all, and the police weren't exactly excited either," she said.
Proving once again that Israeli "extremists" are people who want to live in peace with their neighbors, and Palestinian Arab "extremists" are people who want to blow up their Jewish neighbors.

Two PalArab women tried to commit suicide.

First there were reports that Condi Rice sent a message to Hamas praising them for the "calm," then Hamas denied it. Now Hamas says she did send a message through Arab foreign ministers, but not to praise them, apparently.


Al-Azhar University is closing for the third time in a week because Hamas is attacking people there with bombs and guns. Ho hum.

A man in his twenties was found dead in Gaza of multiple gunshot wounds. Must be the Zionists' fault! (The 2008 PalArab self-death count rises to 201.)

And here's the latest news from "Jewish extremists," according to Firas Press:

They tried to go to the Temple Mount armed with - shudder - prayerbooks!

How extreme can you get?