Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello, world. Yahooers have noticed me.

Although I can't find any links, apparently Yahoo decided to link my critique of a Reuters article yesterday to many news articles today, bringing a couple of thousand of new readers. You can see some of them commented on the piece, some making more sense than others.

One of them caught my eye, because he copied my entire posting onto his blog as well. (He also commented.) In his blog, he doesn't bother to answer any of my points, apparently assuming that his audience will understand that I am a complete idiot just from my own words. He only comments with this unassailable logic:
Israel has to be the biggest nation of self-indulgent whiners, narcissists and gun wielding paranoid thugs on the planet.

And delusional to boot.

Sure enough, his audience rises to the occasion, with his first commenter posting this brilliant analysis:
Ok folks, i don't like to boast about myself a lot, because i like to be as humble as i can, i am not smart, nor a scientist nor a psychologist. However i think that am a very instinct-oriented person, and my instincts and senses tell me that Israelites want to control a great part of the world, if not the whole world.
He also has a graphic on his site to boycott Israeli goods and claiming that you can tell what products are made in Israel by UPC code, which even Muslim boycotters have found out is simply not true. But since he defines himself as being part of a "fact based reality" I suppose that this is irrelevant.

Anyway, this person also threw in this gem in his comment:
Funny, but I can't help but to remember that before Israel came into existence, the US had NO enemies in the ME.
Which is really funny, because the US had enemies in the Middle East since the 18th century!