Monday, October 13, 2008

Hamas' Terrorist YouTube

Hamas has just launched their own version of YouTube, called AqsaTube.

As can be imagined, it is full of videos inciting hate and glorifying terror.

According to the Intelligence and Terror Information Center, it is hosted by a French ISP and it uses Google AdSense for revenue, thus many companies are unwittingly bankrolling terrorists.
There is at least one video showing how to detonate explosives.

The rip-off of YouTube is so glaring, even the title bar translates to "YouTube maximum AqsaTube".

This video channel of Hamas' also encourages Palestinian Arab terrorist unity, as it generously provides sections of the site to Fatah, the PRC, the Democratic Front, Islamic Jihad and "miscellaneous" terror groups, which include some videos of terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere.

There is also a children's section, filled with things like a cartoon showing cigarette-smoking and scowling Israeli soldiers targeting Mohammed al-Dura. Another video meant for children is filled with images of dead children and babies.

It is truly heartwarming to see that Israel's "peace partner" Fatah is now negotiating to unify with Hamas, the purveyors of pure hate.