Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Work accident, plus other peaceful PalArab news

Two people were killed and two were injured in an explosion at a Hamas training camp near the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis, Palestinian sources reported Tuesday morning.

The circumstances of the blast were unclear, but a source in the Strip said it caused a building in the training facility to collapse.

The Israel Defense Forces has yet to comment on the incident, which is believed to be the result of a "work accident" during the production of weapons.
Ma'an adds:
The blast took place at the evacuated Israeli settlement of Gani Tal, west of Khan Younis in southern Gaza.
You see, it is the Zionists' fault! If only they hadn't left Gaza these mujahadeen would still be alive!

In other peaceful Palestinian Arab news, the PA Attorney General was injured in a car bomb/assassination attempt in Ramallah. He had previously been kidnapped by Hamas when he visited Gaza last year.

Gazans attempted to break down the Rafah crossing, and one unsuccessfully rammed a car at the gate.

Hamas stormed the house of a former PA culture minister near Gaza City, confiscating his computer and other material. This sort of thing is a daily event in Gaza.

The 2008 PalArab self-death count is now at 105.