Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today's marriage news from Saudi Arabia

In an update to last week's story about a 64 year old Saudi man who was to marry a 10-year old girl, we can all breathe a sigh of relief:
In the latest twist to a high-profile marriage in this central Saudi city, a 64-year-old man has announced that he would wait five years to consummate his marriage with his 10-year-old bride.

According to local newspapers yesterday, the man — who has already paid a SR100,000 dowry to the father of the girl and signed the marriage contract — now says he would wait until the girl is 15 to complete the marriage.

Explaining the circumstances that led to the marriage, the man’s son said his father never had a second wife. He said the girl’s father taunted his father saying he was willing to marry his daughter to him if he paid SR100,000 in dowry. “My father accepted the challenge, paid the money and became the husband of the young woman,” the son was quoted as saying.

Apparently, if you only have one wife in Saudi Arabia, there must be something wrong with you.

It is most heartening to know that this man claims he won't be raping the girl nightly. She'll just be his slave.

In other news about the wonders of polygamy in Saudi Arabia:

When a man discovered that his wife was secretly urging their son not to get married, he took revenge on her by marrying a second, younger woman.

According to yesterday’s Okaz daily, the couple, living in the southern Saudi city of Al-Madaya, has a son studying in the US. The father had been urging the young man to get married the next time he was visiting home. After discovering that his wife was tugging the young man in the other direction, the father used polygamy to get back at his wife. When the wife discovered her husband had married a 21-year-old woman, she insisted that no second wife was going to live under the same roof with her. So the man moved in with his new, younger bride.

In other Saudi marriage news, a man shot and killed his wife over a "family dispute" and a woman with her 16-year old son burned her husband to death.