Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Syria moving Islamic Jihad and Hamas offices to Beirut?

Firas Press quotes an "Israeli intelligence site" as saying that Syria is planning to move the headquarters of Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Beirut, where they will be hosted by Hezbollah:
The sources added that the men of Hezbollah are working with a construction company of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that began renovating two buildings in the heart of Beirut's southern suburb and is building the new security headquarters of these movements as well as housing for the leaders of the movement of Palestinians and their families.
If this is true, it may mean that Tehran is really unhappy with the indirect talks between Israel and Syria, signaling a desire to ensure greater control over PalArab terror groups via Hezbollah.

To have Iran's Revolutionary Guard supervise the construction of the buildings means that they want to ensure that Israeli intelligence doesn't drop any devices in the buildings while they are being built.