Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sheer joy at terror attack

Everyone who tries to apologetically claim that most Palestinian Arabs are against terror attacks should read the comments autotranslated from Arabic in the Palestine Press Agency story about today's attack in Jerusalem.

Every single comment shows great joy at this attack.

Keep in mind that the audience that reads this news source is generally pro-Fatah and anti-Hamas. Here are some of the joyful comments:

Allahu Akbar
Victory in Gaza and the resistance in West Bank
Fathia tribute to the heroes of every Qassam Brigades
In all of Palestine

Lion of God
God have mercy on you, hero

Allahu Akbar
Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

Allahu Akbar, praise to God

And victory for us

You delivered your hands Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Allahu Akbar

Brigades heart falcon declare absolute responsibility for this heroic operation and that this process will be the first in a series of operations following

And because we to believe this nomenclature fired on a truce or calming and secure negotiations with the enemy, but we believe in revolution until victory because we eliminated at the stage of national liberation from the Zionist replacement

It is a revolution until victory to victory turn into victory

Allah is God
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, praise to God
Thank God Almighty for the wonderful news Panah
It is a victory for us and our inherent

May God martyr in him and the occupation must leave the eye Bil'in Pilsen, age, blood and blood apparent darkest We in the Al Aqsa Brigades congratulate this process quality and make sure that the occupier will reply next Aedm fever bastions O tyrants from Khan in Chdaa Aqsa Brigades - Palestine if she did, and if fulfilled Maauadt Struck with pain and to calm the angry Mojtzeh with the enemy

God God is the greatest
Oh God, dearest of Islam and Muslims in Palestine
Oh God, Tamim Secretary
Informing the pig does not impede anything, you pigs,
A greeting to you, martyr fresheners
You are indeed a martyr martyr martyr
Oh God, he introduced rest in peace
Oh God, Secretary of Secretary
Heal us of you, you pigs

Oh God, hit a throw Mujahedeen
We want operations in the depth of the usurper entity and the establishment of this entity God to end more quality strikes

Here is the promise of victory started waving
First, my congratulations and blessings to the family of martyr struggling Hossam [lastname] to the Gardens of Eternity O martyr of Palestine Albar Here is Qaradawi victory looming on the horizon, this heroic operation comes at a time when we need a heroic example of this process at a time when weakness of the cowardly Zionists and given a free truce profaned the blood of our people Bank cherished wish Loya coup learn from the heroic martyr instead they guarded built Zion and finally say to the Gardens of Eternity O martyr, God willing