Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now we know that Hezbollah murders POWs

Almost absent from all the discussion about the prisoner swap is the fact that Hezbollah murdered two captured soldiers, probably way after they were captured.

As David Bedein writes:
Exactly two years ago, a few days after Goldwasser and Regev were captured, the Israel government cabinet secretary Attorney Yisrael Maimon, convened a press briefing following the Israel government cabinet meeting, which this reporter attended, in which Maimon reported to the media that the Goldwasser and Regev were captured alive.

Maimon held at least 12 more briefings over the next few months in which he declared that Goldwasser and Regev were captured alive.

Maimon told the media that he relied on Israeli intelligence data which confirmed that the two Israeli POW's were captured alive.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, acting as an independent envoy, along with the Red Cross and the UN, all confirmed that Israeli POW's Regev and Goldwasser were alive.

Now that it is clear that Goldwasser and Regev died at the hands of Hizbullah while they were held in captivity, the responsibility for the murder of Goldwasser and Regev rests with the Hizbullah organization and with their sponsors in Syria and Iran.

The government of Israel now has a responsibility to the people of Israel and to the soldiers of Israel to hold Hizbullah, Syria and Iran accountable for murder of the two POWs.
Where are the human rights organizations? Where is the outcry of anger at Hezbollah's flouting of the Geneva Conventions and other international laws? Who in the West is standing up and calling Hezbollah murderers?

As my commenters have noted, Israeli sources are now saying that Regev and Goldwasser were killed during the initial attack.

So, were Jesse Jackson and the others lying?