Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hamas shaves off Fatah leader's mustache

In what is being regarded as a major humiliation, Hamas abducted Fatah leader Nafez Mohammed - and shaved his mustache off.

The pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency is going apoplectic. When their articles veer from straight reporting of news to foaming at the mouth anger, the autotranslation quality deteriorates, but the emotions come through:
Seems to hate Ahamsawi and vicious campaign that came to justify murder and treachery exercised by criminals Hamas lawless among themselves without any religious or moral dearest did not stop but continued and the overall aim to shake the confidence and resolve of the sons of the Fatah movement who number of abductees Hundreds of them in addition to dozens of torture and prevent human rights institutions and slaughterhouses from entering cells of Hamas in Gaza.

What explains the hatred and Hamas on that people, especially children opened their behavior beyond the religion and custom and practice has confirmed the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, military wing of Fatah movement in a press statement, he arrived in Palestine Press News Agency that "ferocious campaign for the Hamas militia are still continuing with the abduction was 4 of leaders Battalions, including Mohammed Nafez Show "Abu Rami," which has reached the age of 51 years and his son Rami, confiscating all materials belonging to the military battalions, which are special materials and manufacturing military prepared to resist the occupation only. "

The battalions that Abu Rami and his son as the rest of the sons had been taken to open centres of torture and humiliation of the militias of Hamas and exposed to the kinds of torment to show hatred for all that Hamas is the container after the spectre of humiliation and psychological torture was tragic and that do not only how to hate the militias Hamas shaved hair and Shanab, "Abu Rami" Hamas to prove that war is only the sons of the Fatah movement, while the occupying enjoy peace of mind for 60 years awaited "

It condemned the campaign Ahamsawiyeh battalions against the opening at a time when the struggle of our people forces of injustice and aggression of Zion is built fever and their entity at the expense of the blood of our people and our holy At the time of confiscating land in the West Bank and shed the blood of our people and confiscated thousands of acres for the wall and suffering from the bitterness of our search for a summit Eisha comes to the fierce campaign against the sons of Fatah in Gaza after the bombing targeted a group calculated on Hamas, who was convicted of the Fatah movement before everyone on the grounds that they did not work in the lexicon of heroes and gave themselves to God and cheap.
Oh well, time to get back to work in the lexicon of heroes.