Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blatant anti-semitism on Iranian TV

From MEMRI: (TV clip here)
Following are excerpts from "The Secret of Armageddon," an Iranian television series. In it, Iranian scholars, historians, researchers, academicians, and scholars criticize Christian Zionists, affirm the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, promote various conspiracy theories, discuss the Jews' "genocidal plan for the genocide of humanity," claim that Iranian Jewish and Baha'i communities are plotting to take over Iran, and more.

The series aired on the Iranian news channel IRINN in May and June 2008:

"The Zionist Jews believe that the divine promise was given to them, and that their rule will not be restricted to the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. They believe that God gave them the entire world. They base this belief on the false stories that they themselves invented and keep telling."


Narrator: "The economic and political power of the Jewish oligarchy and nobility has played an important role in the history of Iran and the world, wreaking havoc – to the point that the ancient Jewish editors of the Book of Jeremiah wrote in it that Jehovah, the god of the Israelites, is the god of all of humanity."

Iranian university lecturer Ali-Reza Karimi: "What is known worldwide today as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion contains the plans and policies of the elders of this sect to conquer the world and establish a global Jewish government, which were discussed at the 1897 [Zionist] Congress in Basel, Switzerland."

Narrator: "These plans, which exposed the views and designs of the Zionists, were edited and collected into 24 protocols. They deal with political, educational, social, economic, and legal strategies, which they planned to use after the destruction of the culture, civilization, and religions of other nations. These strategies will be carried out using dishonorable means and conspiracies, leading to the establishment of a global Jewish kingdom."


Iranian researcher Shams Al-Din Rahmani: "The goal of the Zionists is the total destruction of Islam. They know that this destruction will not be achieved easily, and therefore, they are trying to Americanize the religion of Islam."


Iranian researcher Sayyid Hashem Mir-Louhi: "Over a century ago, the Russians attacked a [Jewish] gathering, and got hold of this book. Later, the book was published in various languages, and recently in Farsi as well. Some of those Jew-boys deny it, and say it is not theirs. But when you look into the modus operandi of those Jew-boys, when you examine it carefully, you realize that they are trying to operate in the same way that was outlined in their protocols.


"The Zionist Jew-boys talk about a 'Greater Israel' – from the Euphrates to the Nile – but their actual goal is world domination.


"In their third protocol, they say: 'This term' – they are referring to the term 'liberty' – 'turns the masses into bloodthirsty creatures. When the bellies of these bloodthirsty creatures are satiated with blood, they will go into a deep slumber and will become unconscious of anything. In this condition, it will be easy to shackle them.'"

Iranian university lecturer Ali-Reza Karimi:
"The Rothschilds were members of a certain society, which spread its network throughout the world for hundreds of years, and acted as a secret political organization.


"By hoarding the wealth plundered by the Europeans in their colonialist attacks, this international network became an unrivaled economic force, and situated itself in the center of the global nobility.


"According to historical documents, it was the Rothschilds who instilled the idea of Palestine as the Promised Land in the minds of the wealthy and enlightened Jews, and insisted on making it happen. At the time, most of the Jews did not have a specific country in mind, and some even considered America or South Africa to be the Promised Land. It was due to the economic and political power of the Rothschilds that this plot was realized.


"The British government, which was controlled by the Zionist empire, [and] led by the Rothschild family, committed itself to the realization of the Zionist aspiration." [...]

Iranian researcher Shams Al-Din Rahmani: "Oliver Cromwell, the dictatorial prime minister of England, placed England entirely at the service of the Jews in the 17th century. This [policy] became so deeply engrained that by the early 18th century, the Jews had a colonialist empire, which reached as far an India. They launched the slave trade, which is a Jewish trade par excellence. Most of the slaves back then were black Muslims from Africa. This was part of their evil plan to eradicate Islam in Africa. This plan was guided entirely by the Jews."[...]

Iranian historian Mohammad-Taqi Taqipour: "Iran, which is a country with a rich history, and a special cultural status and geographical location, like Turkey, has become a target for the plans of those Jewish

Iranian university lecturer Ali-Reza Karimi: "The Persian nobility and the wealthy Jews were involved.."

Narrator: "[Former Iranian PM] Sayyid Ziya Al-Din Tabtabai maintained secret ties with global Zionist imperialism. When he left office, in 1921, he went to Palestine, in order to carry out yet another mission of global Zionism. His mission was to purchase lands from Muslim Arabs in Palestine at a low price, and to give them to Jewish immigrants, in order to establish the State of Israel. Since the Muslim Palestinians were not prepared to sell their lands to Jewish immigrants, Sayyid Ziya Al-Din Tabtabai, in the guise of a Muslim, would buy these lands and pass them on to the Jewish immigrants."[...]

Iranian historian Mohammad-Taqi Taqipour: "As soon as news about the Balfour Declaration reached the leaders of the Iranian Jews, they held conferences and established the Iranian Zionist Organization, also known as the Central Committee of the Zionist Organizations in Iran.


"The Zionists and their organizations in Iran devised a plan, which was signed in 1931 by Rabbi Azizullah Naim, chairman of the Iranian Zionist Organization. This plan included eight clauses. In brief, according to this plan, Reza Shah's regime must permit Jews from all over the world to enter Iran and settle wherever they wish, in accordance with the plan that they themselves devised. In addition, these Jewish immigrants would be granted liberties by law, and no one could deny them these liberties. There would be equality between Jews and non-Jews in Iran – most of whom are Muslims. Fertile lands throughout Iran would be allocated to these Jewish immigrants free of charge. After two years, they would be granted citizenship, and a visa from the government also free of charge."

Iranian university lecturer Ali-Reza Karimi: "They planned to take over large parts of Iran, and to establish concealed camps, which would be populated by Jews from around the world, particularly Europe. This way, they wanted to gradually take over Iran, like they did in Palestine." [...]

Narrator: "Is it possible that according to the schemes of the global Zionist empire, Iran was meant to become another Israel, like in the case of Palestine?" [...]

Iranian researcher Shams Al-Din Rahmani: "The sole reason Reza Shah and the Pahlavi dynasty were brought to power was to enable the Jews and the Freemasons to take control of Iran. Reza Shah was brought to power during World War I, and was deposed during World War II. Movies, TV series, and so on about that period demonstrate how deeply Israel, the Jews, and the Freemasons had managed to infiltrate Iran." [...]

Narrator: "In the early days of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's regime, the Zionist organizations grew so much that the Jews began to immigrate to Palestine via Iran. Many of these Jewish immigrants, supposedly on their way to Palestine, stayed in Iran in order to consolidate the plan to turn Iran into a second Israel. This is why many Jewish children who immigrated from Europe to Iran came to be known as 'the Tehran Children.'

"Following these events, the Jewish Agency started its activity in Iran. Under the guise of transferring Jewish immigrants to Palestine, it began its operations in Iran. The rise of Jewish and Zionist organizations and associations enabled the Jewish leaders and tycoons to penetrate the realms of politics, society, intelligence, and most importantly, the economy, and to maintain a significant presence and influenced there.


"Reports by the SAVAK intelligence agency about the financial and economic situation of the Jews in the days of the Pahlavi dynasty stated: 'Most of Iran's tycoons are Jews. If the Jewish tycoons were to withdraw their money from the Bank of Commerce and the other [Iranian] banks, the Iranian government would find itself in a serious crisis.'"


Former Iranian TV correspondent Mahdi Sabonchian: "Back then, I used to go to the airport to get information and take pictures. There was continuous contact [between Iranian Jews and Israelis]. Even then, [Iranian Jews] would immigrate to Israel. I would see El Al and Air France airplanes landing. I used to stand near the planes, take pictures, and prepare my reports.

"The Jews traveling to Israel would carry hens with them. I saw them carrying cages with two hens each. Some Jews from Rasht were about to travel to Israel, and I asked them why they were taking hens with them. They said: 'We were told to bring hens with us.'


"By taking all these hens, they have become so advanced that they export eggs to the entire world, both for consumption and for incubation." [...]

Narrator: "For many years, Hollywood constituted another aspect of the cultural war. The film industry in the early 20th century was shaped by Jewish immigrants, most of whom belonged to Zionist organizations."


Iranian researcher Sayyid Hashem Mir-Louhi: "Moral corruption will spread wherever these Jew-boys tread. In other words, every Jew-boy believes it is his personal duty to destroy the moral values of other nations, in order to control people's minds and souls. This menacing problem has penetrated American theater and cinema, and is clearly evident."


Once again, their first protocol reads: 'Addiction to alcohol and excess drinking of intoxicating beverages became the problem of non-Jews when liberties are granted.'"


Narrator: "Thus, a new front against the Islamic revolution is opened. Global imperialism invests billion of dollars and uses a broad distribution network to flood Iran with videos, CDs, and DVDs of the latest vulgar, destructive Western films with Farsi subtitles. These films are sold cheaply to the youth in dark alleys, as well as in broad daylight, in public places. The films spread vulgarity, and feed the youth with the falsified Zionist way of thinking, so that in future attacks they will remain defenseless." [...]

Iranian researcher Sayyid Hashem Mir-Louhi: "There is a genocidal Zionist Jewish plan for the genocide of humanity at the hand of the Zionist Jew-boys. Even though the Jew-boys sometimes talk about a 'Greater Israel,' their real goal is world domination."


Narrator: "Today, there are many indications that the 'hidden hands' of world Zionism were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack. According to a large group of Western intellectuals, the Zionists are the real rulers of the United States. According to irrefutable documents published by independent American media outlets, the Zionists used intelligence agents and spies, with the full cooperation of agencies with the country, to carry out this terrorist operation in full view of the world, in order to prepare the ground for taking over Afghanistan and Iraq, and to realize the dream of a greater Israel."

There's lots more, watch the whole thing.