Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arab press: Israel exploding nukes, causing earthquakes

Firas Press published an article claiming that the recent series of earthquakes felt in northern Israel were really underground Israeli nuclear tests.

The author, Mahmoud Daoud, marshals an impressive array of facts: since the earthquakes are in the north of the country, far away from the Dimona nuclear plant, they must have really been nuclear weapons, because Israel would never test them in the south and risk an accident at Dimona. The logic is impeccable.

Once this irrefutable fact is established, it is up to crusaders - oops, activists - like Daoud to explain what Israel's plans are.

One possibility is that, after finishing its archaeological digs undermining the Temple Mount, Israel plans to destroy the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque with a small nuclear weapon.

Another likely scenario is that Israel is developing small nukes that would only destroy Arab villages or "refugee" camps, as a possible response to conventional weapons.

Indeed, the author goes on to say, the Zionist entity is already known to have used uranium bullets and bombs in Lebanon. And as part of the West, Israel already has previous experience in using nuclear weapons against civilians in Japan in World War II.

Daoud goes on to say that all of Israel's recent concessions, including the prisoner swap, the calm in Gaza, the negotiations with Syria and the talk about Shebaa Farms is part of the conspiracy, as a kind of misdirection to keep the world from seeing Israel's obvious nuclear testing.

As if further proof is needed, a large meteor seen over Israel earlier this month was really an Israeli rocket test.

In hindsight, it is all so obvious!