Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Three TRILLION dollars!

The latest "statistic" from rabid, anti-Israel nutcases comes courtesy of "Desert Peace" via "MWC News":
America has literally been the lifeline of the zionist paradise for the past 60 years, at the tune of three billion dollars a year (over three TRILLION dollars to date of U.S. taxpayers money).
One can only imagine what mental gymnastics and mathematical games must be played in order for a country that receives $3 billion annually to have gotten $3 TRILLION over the course of sixty years.

Does this person think that US citizens have been bankrolling evil Zionists for a thousand years? Or perhaps the annual amount given to Israel has gone down from, say, $50 billion a few years ago to only $3 billion today?

Actually, the answer is from an absurd study by someone named Thomas Stauffer a few years ago, published by the Arab-funded WRMEA. Stauffer, who was eulogized in 2005 as being a "a good friend of OPEC and an advisor to the oil ministers of several member countries," was an energy economist who pretended to tally up how much Israel has cost the US with some ridiculous assumptions.

For example, he blames Israel for the Arab oil boycott in the wake of the 1973 Yom Kippur War - a war initiated by Arabs, one would recall. The costs of the oil crisis, naturally, must be blamed on Israel, according to "scholars" like Stauffer. Israel gets blamed for higher oil prices. One can only imagine how much of today's price of oil Stauffer would blame on Israel today.

Similarly, any programs that the US has in place in order to gain energy independence is assigned as an expense to benefit Israel. So is the Strategic Oil Reserve, meant to buffet the US from any arbitrary Arab whims. And, of course, the first Gulf War was wholly to help Israel, according to this Harvard lecturer.

Obviously, such pseudo-scholarly garbage gets eaten up by anti-Israel bigots as if they have merit, and it is really a perfect example of how the Saudi-funded WRMEA will latch onto any anti-Israel material no matter how tenuous the scholarship is.