Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Work accident!

Ma'an says that "25-year-old Ayman Mansour died after being seriously wounded on Tuesday evening while preparing a bomb that exploded in his hands."

I am convinced that some of the Palestinian Arab deaths reported as being from Israeli bombings are in fact from work accidents like these, or internal clashes. Hamas transports the dead bodies to where the airstrikes are and then say it was Israel. (The Palestine Press Agency has accused Hamas of doing exactly that at least once.) Since Israel didn't have any airstrikes yesterday, they couldn't blame the IDF.

Of course, "preparing bombs" is exactly what everyone knows Hamas will be doing in this current "lull" - licking its wounds from last week and ramping up for next time.

The 2008 PalArab self-death count is at 32.

UPDATE: PCHR mentions that a Gaza policeman "mistakenly" killed a 75-year old woman last week. So the count is 33, with 13 of them women or children.

UPDATE 2: PCHR has removed the link to the section of its website that reports deaths from infighting and "misuse of weapons." Making it even harder to report how many Palestinian Arabs are killing each other. And proving that it cares little about PalArab "human rights" and only about making Israel look bad.

UPDATE 3: Tunnel collapse:
An underground tunnel collapsed early Wednesday near Egypt's border with the Gaza strip, burying alive one smuggler and injuring another, a security official said.

Palestinian smuggler Mohammed el-Bashiti and five others had nearly finished expanding the 600 meter (yard) tunnel from Gaza into Egypt located 10 meters beneath the ground, when the ceiling gave way, said the official. (AP)