Monday, March 31, 2008

What $2 billion a year buys you - today's peaceful Gaza news

PA prime minister Fayyad said that fully 60% of the PA budget has been going to Gaza (up from 58% last month) and that the PA has given Gaza $962 million in the past six months.

This money, of course, allows the Gaza infrastructure to go on so that Hamas can make sure that 100% of the money it smuggles into Gaza goes towards weapons and none of it to help real Palestinian Arabs.

Here's how some of the money was spent recently:

Al Azhar University created a policy banning Hamas rallies, and Hamas didn't take to it kindly. Many were injured as Hamas militias invaded the university. Both professors and students - including females - were hurt, and many abducted. One injured woman was refused treatment at Shifa Hospital at Hamas' instruction. Some of the women's veils were ripped off in the clashes. Apparently, Hamas poured some sort of caustic liquid on students.

Pictures from Firas Press:

Also, a Gazan was seriously injured after being shot in Gaza City. And 3 Fatah members were abducted by Hamas in Khan Younis, showing how much Hamas appreciates its billions it gets from Fatah - and our tax dollars.