Friday, March 21, 2008

Recent keywords - how people find me

It is always fun to see what people type into search engines to find this blog. Today, predictably, there are a lot of Purim-related searches, but as always there are some that are funny and some that are slightly scary:

purim torah
isaac newton jew
arab death video
arabs news paper
dubai carpool
coptic tv
iran's sahar 1 tv is currently airing a weekly series that premiered on december 13 called zahra's blue ey
arabs porn (always a popular search term)
flowers shaped like stars (an oldie but a goodie)
ali al-quradaghi
beauty contest israeli winner
israel, purim, photographs, children, costumes,
picture of purim costume
homemade rockets
photos of the crown prince of bahrain
tosfos in engllish
modeiin israel
jews everywhere
the truth about mohammed
arab porn
lynching video
translation ??
algerian family atallah
americans marrying saudis blonde
the truth about muhammad book
photos of poor
independent arab masseuse
gaza sderot blog, israel insider
arab newspaper
soup kitchens, bklyn, jewish
purim torah christmas
elders of ziyon (you mean there are others?)
israel purim costumes
almas palestinian businessman bring together hamas fatah
examples of bias in textbooks
holocaust denial video
purim israel torah
second jewish temple artifacts pictures
muslim miracle
freilechen purim
palarab (is my term catching on?)
mecca accord 2006
the truth about mohammad by robert spencer
hebrew names from english
how to defend the prophet
prostitution in islam
religous bottles
elder of ziyon mercaz harav attack
interactive methodies of learn english
adar 11
jewish world domination (always a favorite)
sderot mishloach manot
hatzalah video new motorbikes
terror alert israel purim
israeli rescue mission 90 seconds hero
arab holiday