Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peaceful Gaza news

Last night a cafe was bombed in Gaza and surrounding buildings were damaged.

Today, according to PalPress (Arabic):
Citizens and eyewitnesses said that the Hamas militia elements today attacked the house of Tareq Abu Rula camp west of Gaza City beach and assaulted women and children who they may be in the house next to the house Ismail Haniya ."

The citizens added that the Hamas militia attacked the family, beating women and wreaked havoc in the home unexpected injury 7 citizens of the family of Abu Rula all of them women, were transferred to Shifa hospital to receive treatment in Gaza."

The Hamas militias today killed a girl from the town of Khan Yunis of the Dip family in the southern Gaza Strip during a campaign to remove cigarette merchants and prevent citizens from a search for their livelihood under siege and difficult economic conditions
Although it is hard to understand, one of the commenters confirmed that he saw a girl shot in the head in Gaza. So for now I am adding another to the self-death count, making it 35, and assuming she is not a minor.

UPDATE: Confirmed in PalPress as being 16 years old.