Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mishloach Manot for Sderot families

Purim is coming, and Sderot is the most appropriate place to send gift baskets:
This Purim, Connections Israel plans to deliver a holiday gift basket to every family in Sderot (10,000 families in total) with a letter of support from a Jewish family overseas. This project will connect families and communities in a major expression of Jewish unity.

Every Diaspora community’s name and contribution will be marked in a major exhibit that will take place in Sderot after before Purim and will show the support, care and solidarity from the Jews around the world.

Contact your community leader to promote this event.

Urge other caring families to join this project !!!

Write a warm greeting card to a family in Sderot - make it personal! add a picture and a blessing for the holiday and mail it to us.

If you like you can donate a holiday gift basket ($36) and your letter will be included.