Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Merkaz HaRav massacre

Two terrorists managed to get into a Jewish school in Jerusalem and start shooting at the students there. So far, it appears that 8 were murdered, 40 injured, although Arab media is reporting 10 students murdered.

The targets weren't soldiers. The school is not in territory that Israel gained in 1967. All of the sickening justifications that we always hear to help us "understand" rockets and suicide bombs and other attacks, that try to distinguish between "settlers" and other Israelis, between Jews and Zionists, between the left and right side of the Green line - all of those arguments forget a single, more important fact: that the terrorists themselves and their supporters do not make such fine distinctions.

It is all bullshit.

Today, they attacked Jewish boys studying. Given the opportunity, they would do this every day - in any part of Israel or the world.

And killing them first is not only moral - it is an obligation.