Thursday, March 20, 2008

Laugh with Firas!

Here are what I believe are four autotranslated jokes from the Arabic Firas website.

Humor doesn't translate well:
in one jar was pregnant and gas guy on the stairs Chavth his words: Just

She said if: God opened Man ...


-- Unit once said to her husband? You what Coltli word Zlzaaaaaaaaaaal concern about me ...


3 pupils once they were late on the first portion, and when he arrived the school said they tagged you Kintua Fein?

I said I lost my seal my blog, and the second said I play him, asked third and you go?

I Daes concern about it !!...

-- Entered a doctor in a hospital psychiatric patients in the room and told them anything Kalfshar jumping all patients except one.

Asking the doctor: Why did you jump

He answered saying: I am stuck at the bottom Tngerh


-- One mother was killed in the section Zabott Pisalh name any?

.... Told him: Write the best actor ....

I do not like pride

However, they did have one joke I recognized, that would be considered Islamophobic if any non-Muslim would say it (I'm paraphrasing):

George Bush and Tony Blair go out to eat lunch and then they hold a press conference.

One journalist asked them, "What did you speak about during your meeting?"

Bush replied, "We decided to kill 20 million Muslims and one surgeon."

The journalists were perplexed, and finally one asked, "Why do you want to kill one surgeon?"

Bush laughed and turned to Blair: "See, I told you no one would be interested if we killed 20 million Muslims!"

Many of the commenters didn't seem to get it.