Monday, March 31, 2008

Kuwait building synagogue?

A recent Al-Arabiya article on the race among Gulf states to build huge mega-skyscrapers - one planned to be a full mile high in Saudi Arabia - included this detail:
Kuwait has unveiled a plan to build a 1,001-meter (3,284 foot) tower. Its height is a reference to the classic work of Arabic literature, One Thousand and One Nights.

Three blades that will be built near the top of the tower will carry a mosque, a church and a synagogue to signify the unity of the three monotheistic religions.
They might have a hard time getting a minyan for Shabbos. Unless they install a Shabbos elevator, walking up some 6000 steps might be difficult for most worshippers.

Luckily, they probably won't have that problem - there are no known Jews in Kuwait, and there haven't been any for eighty years.

Then again, it is very easy to say you respect a religion when you can make sure that none of its adherents pollute your country.