Monday, March 24, 2008

Fisk: Bush responsible for suicide bombers in Iraq

In an otherwise interesting article about suicide bombers, Robert Fisk throws in - twice - who he blames for Muslims blowing up thousand of innocent Muslims in Iraq: George Bush.
..But a month-long investigation by The Independent, culling four Arabic-language newspapers, official Iraqi statistics, two Beirut news agencies and Western reports, shows that an incredible 1,121 Muslim suicide bombers have blown themselves up in Iraq. This is a very conservative figure and - given the propensity of the authorities (and of journalists) to report only those suicide bombings that kill dozens of people - the true estimate may be double this number. On several days, six - even nine - suicide bombers have exploded themselves in Iraq in a display of almost Wal-Mart availability. If life in Iraq is cheap, death is cheaper.This is perhaps the most frightening and ghoulish legacy of George Bush's invasion of Iraq five years ago. Suicide bombers in Iraq have killed at least 13,000 men, women and children - our most conservative estimate gives a total figure of 13,132 - and wounded a minimum of 16,112 people.

...One of George Bush's most insidious legacies in Iraq thus remains its most mysterious; the marriage of nationalism and spiritual ferocity, the birth of an unprecedentedly huge army of Muslims inspired by the idea of death.
While Fisk is suitably horrified at the phenomenon of suicide terror, it never occurs to him to blame the culture that glorifies death and martyrdom for the phenomenon. No, like all the other evils of the world, it must be because of George Bush.