Saturday, March 01, 2008

Arab News and Der Stürmer: Disturbing Parallels

In yet another example of the obscene "Zionists=Nazis" mantras so often used by anti-semites, the Arab News has printed an op-ed called "Warsaw Ghetto and Gaza: Disturbing Parallels." Using methods that a fifth-grader could use to make "disturbing parallels" between, say, butterflies and rabid dogs (Both have blood! Both have natural defenses! Both seem to move about randomly!) the author, one Steve Hutcheson, brings up pseudo-facts to make his case:
The Nazis rounded up the Jews of Poland and quartered them in a small area of Warsaw, building a barricade around the perimeter to prevent them leaving. So too have the Israelis through conflict and force pushed many of the Arab inhabitants out of Israel into an enclave that now has a population density of 4,200 people per sq. km which is 14 times that of the surrounding area of Israel which has 360 people per sq. km.
It is hardly worth showing the idiocy of this parallel, but just to mention one part: the population density in the Tel Aviv/Jaffa coastal corridor is some 6000 people per square kilometer, and if you exclude the Negev desert, Israel is indeed one of the most crowded places in the world. The Arabs have pushed the Jews into a tiny state - I guess Israel should start pushing towards Riyadh, since according to moral midgets like this, being crowded is reason to start shooting rockets indiscriminately at your neighbors.

Oh, also: the Warsaw Ghetto population density was not a measly 4,200 people/sq. km., but
110,800 - over 25 times the density of Gaza. Wow, that parallel really is disturbing!
The Nazis deprived the ghetto inhabitants of food and essential supplies. So too has the Israeli government stopped the flow of goods to the 1.4 million inhabitants of Gaza by limiting the convoys of supplies to a mere trickle.
Another idiot making the implicit - and libelous - claim that Israel is intending to starve the population of Gaza, even more so in his next paragraph:
The Nazis reduced the average calorie intake of the Jewish inhabitants of the ghetto to 241 calories per day. So too have the Israelis reduced the calorie intake of the Palestinians in Gaza. According to a UN report, it is presently at 61 percent of the average daily requirements.
No, that's not what the UN report said - it said that the UN alone was providing (as of November) 61% of the food that Gaza needs, and it wasn't limited by Israeli sanctions on that number - rather by its budget. And, not surprisingly, the UNRWA budget gets next to nothing from Arab nations!

So it would be far more accurate to say that Arabs are starving Gazans. Not accurate, but more accurate that the Arab News is.

Of course, we have yet to hear about starving Gazans smuggling in food in their many tunnels from Egypt. Cigarettes and explosives seem to be a higher priority right now. Go figure.
The Jewish inhabitants through the ZZB and the ZOB resisted the oppression by the Nazis albeit too late and their rebellion was brutally crushed without concern for who was in the way. So too have the Palestinians of Gaza through their own resistance organizations, in particular Hamas, rebelled against their oppressors and so too do the Israelis use all means available to crush the rebellion without concern for who is in the way or who they maim or kill in doing so.
Ah, so shooting rockets at civilians and sending suicide bombers to kill old ladies is just like the Jewish resistance to Nazis!

These lies, sickening parallels and justification for terror is just part of the mainstream Arab world's (and their leftist allies') viewpoints. Even pointing out the glaring lies and perverted morality in making such statements is difficult, as the idea of comparing the Holocaust victims with the Gazans - even while demolishing those comparisons - is literally nauseating.

But the thrill that Israel-bashing turds like Hutcheson gets from the idea of Jew-as-Nazi gets is too irresistible for them to pass up. And the relatively moderate Arab News - hardly a jihadist newspaper - supporting such drivel is an indication of just how far the Arab world is from reality.