Monday, November 05, 2007

What people search for to find me

Here are some recent keyword searches that people have used to land on this blog:

mark weber
anti-semitism, university
subliminal israeli yesha rap
zions elder protocols
george maynard daily campus
zeinab beydoun
destroyed christian quarter in damascus, 1860
aziz burney
kabbalah centre fr
mufti abdul majid khan ajax
dan-halutz atheist
beating of lakewood rabbi
kabbalah scam
win a trip to israel
palestine hates jews
kill the jews
robert spencer jewish
google arabic fun
yousra film daughter rape egypt
elder of ziyon
anti-semitism in russia maps
jerry seinfeld atheist
list of the 24 protocols of the elders of zion
refinery companies contacts addresses 2007 @hotmail.com in saudi arabia
bahr el baqr egypt israeli
kill jews
kanefsky honest
darfur human interest article
hijabi prostitutes edgware road
jerry seinfeld a zionist
ziopedia site donations
an encyclopedia for the preparation of nuclear weapons
sayeed qutb
yad vashem arabic
jeff goldblatt fox jewish
roman numerals
fantasy arab city
definition of civilian person
audio shmuley
robert novack israel palestine
the difference between israelis and muslims
harrassment by egyptian men
satan women saudi
marmalade lingerie shop union san francisco
arab fantasy
walls of the 2nd temple
saudi arabia women's struggles
elders of ziyon
saudi women murdered legally
syria nuked by u.s.
chumash identity-card holders
lakewood beating of jew
kissing men
jerry seinfeld zionist
zionist histories

This time at least there were no entries for "elder sex" which I've seen multiple times.