Thursday, November 01, 2007

News From Tomorrow

If for some bizarre reason a Palestinian Arab state is created, here are the headlines that we can expect to occur daily:

* Fatah has announced a new military campaign against Israel where they will shower Israel with hundreds of rockets.

* A former PA official is in the hospital after being tortured by Hamas gangs in Gaza.

* Six people were injured from gunshots during a funeral of a terrorist, including a child.

* A car was torched near Hebron belonging to a captain in the PA security services

Of course, these headlines all come from today. But why exactly would things get any better if the PalArabs had their own state? Which of these daily events would stop because the amount of self-government increases? What exactly is the magic ingredient that turns animals into responsible human beings just because you give them more responsibility?

It is more likely that things would become much, much worse. Yet somehow this likelihood doesn't enter into the calculus of those who are hell-bent at giving the Palestinian Arabs their own state.